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Recording Services

Will Galison is available to record on your project at his studio which is optimally equipped to record harmonica as well as vocals, guitar, piano, bass, drums.

What Will's clients have to say:

"When I decided to add harmonica to "Cry Me A River " on my third solo album, "Everlasting Cool", there was no question in my mind that William Galison was the right person for the project. I was already familiar with his work with my dear friend Bob Telson on his iconic track “Calling You” from the film Bagdad Cafe. I had heard his work on many wonderful projects. When I reached out to Will I was met with enthusiasm and generosity. His artistry and sensitivity as a player contributed so much to the mood of the song. I look forward to working with him on more projects in the future. A great talent."  

- Kathy Ingraham, Singer, Composer

--"Will Galison has played two tunes of mine.  His playing is inspired!  He's full of joy and wonderful musical ideas.  I adore his work!  His standards are high and he doesn't settle for anything less than the best."
Brad Ross, Composer

"I bumped into Will one day when he was playing harmonica with a jazz band in CP. His brilliant playing was obvious and at a song break I asked him if he’d play with me at a gig. That led to his fantastic contributions two two tracks of my new album. He also plays a mean guitar and took great pains to get his riffs just right. My songs are way better because of Will’s contribution. He's fantastic. I love Will!"
- STEVE BLANE, Singer Songwriter, Rabbi

" I was looking for someone to play chromatic harmonica on my song "Summit.”  

My friend Stephen Barber emphatically told me, "GALISON!  YOU HAVE TO GET GALISON!”  

He directed me to a demo for Suzuki Harmonicas on Youtube.  In the sidebar, I saw Will Galison w/Sting, playing "Fields Of Gold."  Click!  I heard Will play ONE NOTE, and I said, "THAT'S THE GUY!"  I found Will to be very approachable and willing to play.  The part that Will composed and played on "Summit" is breathtaking.  Will's musicality exudes an unparalleled passion and joy for making music.  There is a lot of heart in what he does.  I still listen back in awe of what he contributed to my music.  It couldn't be more perfect."
- Tommy Taylor : Recording and touring drummer with Christopher Cross and Eric Johnson. Played on multi platinum hits “Sailing”, “Ride Like the Wind” and many others.

“My client was completely blown away by Will’s artistry and technique. With chops  like Will’s, it is easy to overplay which often plagues the more technically proficient musicians.  Will’s attention to niamce and to the genre, along with the alternate takes he provided gave us more than enough to work with! In my over 40 years of producing music, Will is the best harmonica player I have ever worked with.

- Mark Kelso, Engineer, Owner CaSita Ram Music Studio,  Muddy Angel Music

"William played on one of my song called Exit 1, (from my album “200,000 Years After”) I sent the song to William to ask him to play an harmonica solo on it, which he did brilliantly. He was recommended to me from a friend of his, and I was blown away by the job he did.  I hope for my next projects to have the chance to work with him again, as he’s a really nice guy and an amazing musician." 
- Lionel Fornetti, Singer/ Songwriter

“Will Galison is a flat-out brilliant harmonica player.  My recording engineer happened to know him, contacted him from the studio, we sent a rough mix of the song in progress, and Will came up with a knock-out solo - and some incidental playing that we included as well.  He crafted his playing to echo some of my guitar licks.  I couldn't be more pleased.  His work on my song raised it to another level, made it shine brighter than anything I could've done.  His playing was virtuosic and perfect for the song.  --Bert Marshall

I love Harmonica playing and have included those tonalities in my music for many years, albeit via Keyboard sounds. It was adequate, but not as cool as the real thing. I yearned to meet a Harmonica player who had 

THAT kind of soul, THAT kind of expression, and THAT kind of sensitivity. I'm a picky bastard, and it was a tall order to fill. Imagine my delight when I met Will and experienced his magical touch. I had a pop tune needing jazz-tinged Chromatic Harmonica, including a featured solo. I sent the track to Will with very little direction other than "Play the solo in the middle of the tune, and wherever else you see fit". What Will returned to me literally reduced me to tears of happiness-To hear my tune with a masterful Harmonica track was a dream come true. He played true to the song, and illuminated corners of it I didn't know were there. It was uncanny how Will meshed with the other players already on the track. No grandstanding, no ego, no fat, no filler--He played what the song told him to play, and that is the heavenly place for any songwriter/producer. Can't wait to work with him again...
- Scott May, Singer/ Songwriter/ Organist, Producer

Recording gear includes: 

Mics: Neumann KM 54, RCA 77D, Geffell 70S FET, Røde NTK, matched ATM 4040s, Beyerdynamic M88....    
Preamps: Avalon 737, Universal Audio Apollo, Avalon U5
Harmonicas: Chromatic, Diatonic, Bass 
Guitars: 1954 Gibson ES 175, 1963 Gibson ES 125, Collings OM, Eastman dreadnaught, Ukelele, Santa Cruz OM, Fender Telecaster, Moon Stratocaster, Dobro, Lap Steel guitar. Fender Jazz Bass
Amplifiers: 1970 
Fender Princeton, Reverend Hellhound
Piano: 1928 Mason & Hamlin B, recently rebuilt.
Drumset: Yamaha Manu Katche full set


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