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Kind Words

“To my ear, the most original and individual of the new generation of harmonica players.”


“When I heard Will play, I said, “That guy has got a great sense of melody and swing; we should try him.” He came in and he was great.”   

"I’ve played with many many great harmonica players over the years , and Will Galison may be the greatest of them all" 


"A rare and generous musical being who gives from one gift to another deftly and with childlike Imagination.. A 'line open' he is...Playing and working with William is always a joy. The notes he finds and the ideas he comes up with are always a delightful surprise. I am lucky to have worked with William Galison and I have much to learn from him.”


“Will has always been a superb player, but his playing just gets deeper and deeper. I've plqyed with the master, [Toots Theilemans] and Will is right up there”. 

“I love this guy’s playing!”



“Galison's performance with (Toninho) Horta is one of those miracles which a record producer dreams of. The melody unfolds into an emotional love poem... Small wonder that the audience burst into a huge ovation...”

  -GEORGE AVAKIAN (Record Producer of Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Benny Goodman...)


“ are a very important person, a great musician and a treasure to hear... I hope you are aware of the underlying gratitude that I have for you as your fan and friend.”



“William is unique in his ability to find the notes you’d never expect, but that stick in your memory as capturing the exact spirit. His playing on Bagdad Cafe and other scores contributed greatly to their success.”

  -BOB TELSON (composer Bagdad Cafe/ Out of Rosenheim)

“William Is My Musical Brother”


“A soulful Musician with a beautiful melodic approach”


“Like his obvious role model Toots Thielemans, William Galison is a gifted doubler. Already well established as one of the most original voices on harmonica from his wonderfully melodic, depthfully soulful work on film scores like “The Untouchables” and “Bagdad Cafe” as well as his own recordings like 19881s “Overjoyed” and 19901s “Calling You”, Galison also reveals himself to be an accomplished guitarist on Got You On My Mind. This affecting collaboration with the Billie Holiday-styled singer Madeleine Peyroux has Galison demonstrating traces of Les Paul, Oscar Moore and Tiny Grimes in his easy swinging six-string repertoire while also showcasing his inimitable harmonica chops. And he delights with a few vocal numbers as well, which makes him a real triple-threat.”



“ as Will Galison joined [Tommy Emmanuel] on harmonica...I was treated to some of the best harmonica playing I’ve ever witnessed as they performed truly touching versions of classics like “Moon River” and “Sweet Georgia Brown.”
-Guitar World Magazine

“William Galison has been my go to harmonica aficionado for over 25 years! He first played in the studio on “The Hillbilly Song” by KenLou produced by Masters At Work in 1995 which is now a club classic and on “Joy Inside My Tears” Elements Of Life Featuring Joshua Milan on our Eclipse Album in 2012, to name a few. I highly recommend his artistry to anyone looking for a top harmonica player who can play all forms of music from folk to house to jazz and everything in between !!!”
- LOUIE VEGA (Masters At Work, Nuyorican Soul, Elements Of Life)

"William played on my new album and he was amazing. He knew exactly what was right for each song, and his ability to play many different styles helped me achieve my musical goals for the entire record."


A soulful and creative player with a beautiful sound”



“The highlight of the set was Galison's version of “Tenderly”... with a solo that included chords, trills, shakes, octaves and a depth of tone I never thought possible on the Harmonica.”


"Galison's performance was akin to the virtouosity of Lester Young's tenor sax work... I sat in awe"



Galison’s enthusiasm and joy for the music – whether pure jazz or the blues — was present in each number,  Although he spoke with warmth about his teacher and mentor Toots Thielemans, it was obvious, in this refreshingly intimate and memorable jazz performance,  that Galison has found his own style.  Galison is a true original.

       -Devon Wendell- International Review of Music

"Harmonica Ace"



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